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Girl Child had her 5th birthday at the end of the summer. She received several sets of Legos as birthday presents. She is still more interested in playing with the finished sets and the characters than in the actual building of the sets. So far, I
We are coming into the final weeks of summer! Since we are planning on some traveling before school starts, this will be the last week of summer camp. This time the theme is mermaids and pirates. There is no shortage of ideas online for this one. Take
The kids love the characters from Five Nights at Freddy's. Even though they know it is supposed to be scary and they don't play the game, they are still drawn to the characters. It is also extremely popular with the boys in Boy Child's class. Making a
This is one Lego set that was not purchased with the kids in mind. My husband is a huge fan of the Beatles, and he loves Legos. It was a perfect match for him for his birthday.

The box sets the tone for this set with it's vintage artwork on all
My kids love cats. This is entirely my fault as I also love cats. (I even became a vet because of my love for working with animals!) While I like dogs alright, I am definitely a cat person and I have only had cats as pets as an adult. I grew up with a