A Plethora of Pouches

I bought a stack of Star Wars themed fat quarters. There are 5 different fabrics in a stack. Since they are only 18×21 inches they are good for small projects. I decided to use them to make a variety of pouches and marker holders. I made three projects similar to ones I have made before and three projects that I had never done before.

I made a marker roll up similar to the one I made in my tutorial, only sized for tall skinny markers.

I also make a pencil case similar to the pencil case I made previously. I did use a sport zipper this time because the regular zipper I used last time had a small pull tab for the amount of zipping you do to get around the whole case.

And I made a mini book tote like the one I made here. This project is perfectly sized for fat quarters with very little waste!

I made a three zipper pouch which I had never done before. The way I made it is not so different from making a standard one zipper pouch. The front panel takes more time to make because of the two zippers on it and the lining for the pockets. I followed the tutorial I found for a two zipper pouch and added another layer. I found that I could combine a number of steps in that tutorial by sewing all of the layers attached to one side of a zipper at the same time instead of one-by-one as done in the tutorial. I had fun picking out lining fabrics for the pockets and inside since I could make them all different! I also used a sport zipper for the main pocket since they have bigger pull tabs.

Using some of the scraps left over from the three zipper pouch, I made a little vinyl pouch that opens wide. I found a tutorial here to follow.

Finally, I made a boxy zippered pouch. I like this tutorial because you end up with all of your seams hidden by the lining. Many of the tutorials have exposed seams inside the pouch. I prefer the finished look inside this one.



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