SnapTite AT-ACT model

This imperial walker, called the All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport (AT-ACT for short), comes from the movie Rogue One. They were a part of the final battle of that movie which takes place on Scarif. These walkers are different from the AT-AT of Empire Strikes Back because these are cargo transport rather than troop transports, thus the large orange door on the side. They are taller due to longer legs and can also move faster than AT-ATs. Although they are mostly deployed at construction projects and not sent into battle, they still have formidable weapons and are resistant to small weapon fire. The weapons on starfighters such as the x-wing are able to take them down.

After all of that, I can tell you that imperial walkers of all varieties, and especially these big ones, are Boy Child’s favorite vehicles in Star Wars.


This particular model is made by Revell and it is a Level 2 SnapTite kit. This means that it is a beginner level that kids can do and you do not need any glue to hold it together. It went together pretty quickly and Boy Child, at 7 years old, was able to put it together mostly by himself. It took him about 30-40 minutes. I would say it would take an adult or experienced model builder about 10-15 minutes.




There are not a lot of pieces, as you can see on the back of the box.



This model has lights and sounds in the walker head as you can see in this video. They are powered by 2 LR44 button batteries, which are included with the kit.

The model has stood up to quite a lot of play from Boy Child. He sets this up with all of his other Star Wars toys and creates battles. The legs have been taken apart a few times and still snap back in place and lock in tight each time so far. This has been a great addition to our Star Wars collection and I feel like it will hold up to the level of use that it will get.

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