Balloon Twisting


Something I have always found interesting but have never tried is balloon twisting. You know, making dogs and swords and flowers and such out of balloons. I came across this kit that teaches balloon twisting and  so I thought, “why not?”


The kit came with balloons, an inflating device, and a DVD.


I have a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old and I figured they would love balloon animals and such. Also I could make them for parties for the kids. What better take home gift for party-goers than a balloon animal. Kids love them, they aren’t cheap toys from the party store that break right away, and they don’t sit around your house forever because they eventually deflate.

The DVD is easy to follow. He goes slow enough that I can follow along as long as the kids are not pestering me for new balloons as I am watching. He builds on techniques so the balloon get more detailed and difficult as you progress. This is truly a skill that needs to be practiced a LOT in order to get really good at it. You have to figure out how much to inflate the balloon so that it has room to twist without popping (happened a couple of times) and so that it doesn’t have a long empty section at the end (which most of mine did because I was scared of popping them!).

In my first session, I made two types of dogs, IMG_3794  IMG_3795

a poodle, IMG_3796

a sword, IMG_3798

a pirate sword, IMG_3797

and a rather lopsided T. rex. IMG_3800

The kids were thrilled to have them all. The skills are easy to learn although it takes time and practice to get it right. I am really glad I decided to try learning this from a DVD instead of a book. Seeing it in action is much better than looking at pictures and I am usually one for learning from a book. Now on to practicing these many, many more times and learning the others on the DVD. It should be fun!!!

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