Card – guitar

My husband is a guitar player. His favorite guitar for a long time was a cherry sunburst and I wanted to try to replicate the sunburst look on a card. While his guitar is electric, this one accoustic because I thought that works better for a card. I had some ombre paper that I used for the sunburst effect. I used the light side of the ombre paper to make the fret board, bridge, and letters. I printed out letters to use as a guide and then hand cut them with a craft knife. I used a gel pen to make the black fret board lines and also a simple yellow circle around the sound hole like a minimally decorated guitar would have. I used the inside of the circle die to cut out the sound hole and the outside of the die to trace the yellow circle. While metallic strings would have been nice, I did not have any, so I used brown. Finally, I used small pearl gems on the ends of the strings.

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