Chalk Markers


This summer I started seeing information about those chalk markers popping up everywhere. I decided to give them a try. I had been buying gel clings to put up on our back door window. Even though I bought them at the dollar store most of the time, I didn’t like throwing something away with each change in season or holiday. I have no idea if those things are bio-degradable or not. I picked up the chalk markers so I can make my own pictures on the window instead and I know that the paper towels I use to clean the window are readily bio-degradable.

I ordered a couple of different boxes to give them a try. One set came with blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, and white. The other set included the same colors plus, black, brown, gold, and silver. I have to say that I really like having the additional colors. You can do a lot more with them. I pulled out the smaller set for Halloween and I really would have liked to have the black for the Jack-o-lantern. I made do without though and it still turned out cute.

The markers take some time to prime. You have to push in the tip and wait for the ink to flow all the way down to the end. It takes patience. Most of the marker sets out there come with a reversible tip when one side is round and the other is chiseled. I prefer the chisel end for more precise lines. Since Girl Child decided that these markers are awesome and she needs to use them too, I switched them to the round side. She was damaging the chisel as she tried to put the caps back on. That is another thing to keep in mind when using these markers. The cap needs to be put back on gently so that you don’t damage the tip. It took some practice for a 4-year-old to be able to do it properly. She did end up mastering it and she can cap them with no problem now.

The colors are vibrant on the window. They can also be used on white boards and chalk stickers – basically anything non-porous. If you use it on a porous surface it WILL stain. Girl Child, being a 4-year-old, managed to mark on her shirt and I had not thought to put a smock on her. After some research, I found that you have to use boiling water and some dish soap if you want to get the stain out. I tried it and it really did work.

As far as how long they last – I have two markers that have run dry so far and we have covered the windows with pictures three times now. This included fully filling in the pictures. I am sure that having a small child use them helps them to run out faster since she needs to cover as much area as possible with color.

For some reason, WordPress has trouble uploading some of my photos. Here are a few pictures we made. In case you were wondering, the top two are peashooters from Plants vs Zombies, because you know, every 4-year-old needs to know about zombies.




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