Chalk paint – with a DIY

Kids love chalking up the side walk. Kids love paint. So of course let’s mix the two and have chalk paint!

I bought this little set of chalk paint at a local closeout store. It is really cute with the mini paint buckets. It also comes with a stirring stick and two foam brushes. Nice!

All you have to do is put in the powder, add water, and stir. That’s it. Super easy.

The paint is fun to work with and makes awesome fully colored in pictures with none of the lines you get when you use a stick of chalk to fill in the colors.

Of course it was all gone in a matter of minutes and the foam brushes were completely destroyed. I figured that there had to be a cheaper way to have chalk paint and to have paint that would work better with regular brushes so the brushes could last longer. Then I read a brilliant idea online, CRUSH UP CHALK AND ADD WATER! Oh my goodness, the simple genius of it all. It worked beautifully.

What you need:

  • chalk sticks
  • hammer
  • plastic bag
  • container for paint
  • something to stir with
  • paint brushes
  • a sidewalk, driveway, or other place to paint your art

I put some broken pieces of chalk in a plastic baggie. Then I smashed it into dust with a hammer. I poured the powder into the empty paint jars, added water, and stirred. (Sounds familiar, right?) The homemade paint was smoother and spread even better with the brush than the store bought stuff. It took much longer to dry out too. Now I know how we will get through the industrial sized bucket I chalk I found on sale last summer! Chalk painting even caught the interest of Boy Child, who does not usually go for arts and crafts.

Here is the store bought paint after a day – all clumpy and no longer mixing with water.

And here is the home made paint after a day – did not need water added!

Now back to another day of chalk paintings on the sidewalk. Rain in the forecast in a couple of days which should wash most of it away. Then we will have a clean slate for another round of art work.


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