Christmas card – fingerprint lights

This one turned out a little smudged because…4-year-old. I tried very hard to guide her finger to where it needed to go. She had her own ideas at times though. It still turned out well and Grandma, who received the card, loved that Girl Child made it for her. The paints I had on hand were finger paints, which worked OK. I think tempura paints would go down more smoothly.

I got the inspiration from Crafty Morning.

To make this card, first draw a loopy line with a gel pen, a black fine tip Sharpie, or other fine tip pen. Then draw little boxes where you want to place the lights. Choose your colors and set them out for your child to dip a finger into. I squirted my paints onto a paper plate. Then have your child dip his/her pointer finger into a color and then press the finger onto the black line at one of the boxes. Repeat until all of the boxes have a colored light. You can make the colors in a pattern like on a real strand of lights, or random as Girl Child chose. Let your paint dry and your card is ready to deliver.


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