Cascading ruffle skirt

Happy 4th of July!

In honor of the holiday, I made a skirt for Girl Child to go with her fourth of July shirt from Kohl’s. I had pinned a pattern and tutorial for a cascading ruffle skirt a while ago and I decided that it was time to try making it. I went with the 2 tones of blue and the white for the ruffles rather than going all in with red, white, and blue for the holiday. These coordinate with the colors on the design on the front of her shirt. Since it is not holiday specific she can wear it the rest of the summer too. In fact, the colors and the ruffles make me think of the ocean.

The pattern and tutorial are available at Lil Blue Boo. 

I thought that this would look good in chiffon rather than the knit that was used in the tutorial. This was my first experience with chiffon and I have to admit that I didn’t look into it before buying. The handling is very different from the usual fabrics that I buy such as needing to use tissue paper under the fabric to cut out the pattern and the fraying edges that need to be addressed. So in addition to learning how to handle chiffon, I also got to learn how to do a rolled hem on my serger. I had to read up on that too. First, I had to buy the right type of thread since regular thread breaks. I bought wooly nylon since I won’t be ironing chiffon. Since I had to buy special thread to do the edging, all the ruffles got the same color. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but in the end I really like the look since it ties all of the elements together.

The ruffles are all cut out and the edges are treated with a rolled hem. The navy blue edge on the lighter blue ruffle looks odd at this phase.


To get the look I wanted, I spaced the ruffles about an inch apart and ended up using 26 ruffles to go all the way around on a size 4 skirt. It is so full it almost gives the look of a bubble skirt yet is so lightweight because of the fabric.


Wearing her new skirt and watching the parade


I like this style because it looks super fancy and really is not that hard to make (despite the extra work I made for myself by picking chiffon).


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