Tujtorial – Fabric book cover from a T-shirt


My son needed to have a fabric book cover for his one hardback school book in 1st grade. I looked around for these and found that they are now hard to find, or you have to buy a pack of them on Amazon. I only needed one, so I didn’t want to buy a whole pack. I went looking online to find out if anyone had ideas on how to make your own. I found lots of examples, including Martha Stewart, on how to make a fitted book cover. However, I wanted a stretchy one. Then I found one tutorial and it was super easy. You can find it here easy-knit-book-covers-tutorial.  My book turned out to be the same size as the one in the tutorial, which made it even easier for me since I didn’t even have to do the math.


Knit fabric (I used an old T-shirt)

Scissors or other cutting tool



Sewing machine or Serger



First you need the dimensions of your book. Mine is 11 x 17.5.

Then use that to calculate the dimensions of your cover.

  • You need the height + .25 inches
  • You need the width + 6 inches (for flaps) – 1.5 inches (for stretch)
  • 11 + .25 = 11.25 inches high
  • 17.5 + 6 = 23.5; 23.5 -1.5 = 22 inches wide

Make sure that the stretch of the fabric goes around the book and not top to bottom.The stretch on a t-shirt goes side to side.


Because of the location of the design that I wanted to be on the front of the cover, I actually cut out two panels that were 11.25 high X 11.5 wide. Then I sewed them together using a .5 inch seam allowance to get a piece 22 inches wide. If you are not trying to save a design like I was, you can cut one single panel in your desired width.




With right sides together, fold in a three-inch flap on each side.


Sew these along the top and bottom edges.


Repeat for the other side. Turn right side out and fit to your book. It is as easy as that!








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