DIY – Peppermint spoons

This is one that I saw on Pinterest and I just had to give it a try. These spoons are SO cute! And they are basically a spoon-shaped candy cane. I can see using them to stir tea to make a nice sweet peppermint tea or to make a peppermint hot chocolate. Yum!!!

I want into this project not being sure just what I was getting myself into. I have never made a molded candy, not even chocolate. It turns out that this was easy, fun, and I liked doing it well enough that I branched out into chocolates for making the hot chocolate cones. They also turned out great! I never realized how easy it is to make molded chocolates. This is something I will definitely be exploring more in the future. To make these, I used the starlight mints that come individually wrapped, which worked beautifully. I also used some pre-crushed peppermint bits that did not melt as nicely. I would have to say that you want to buy the actual candies and not try to shorten the process by buying pre-crushed mint pieces.


  • 1 spoon mold pan – I used one made by Wilton
  • 1 bag of Starlight mints
  • 1 kitchen mallet to crush the candies


Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees. Unwrap the candies and place them in a plastic baggie. If you want, wrap the baggie with paper towels to contain any bits that may pop out of the bag. Crush the candies with the kitchen mallet. You want to have a mix of powder and pieces when you are done. The bigger pieces let you have the mix of red and white in your spoon. If you pulverize your candies in a food processor you will end up with pink spoons.

Place the candy into the molds filling them a little overfull. Then put them in the oven for about 8-10 minutes.

After 8-10 minutes check on the candies, you will notice that they have melted down quite a bit so add some more candy to make them full again, paying extra attention to the bowl of the spoon and the neck where the handle meets the bowl.

After a few more minutes, about 5 in my oven, check the candies to see if they have fully melted.

Let the spoons cool completely in the mold. Carefully pull the edges of the mold away from the spoons and remove. If a spoon breaks, add a little more crushed peppermint to the broken area and melt again. When you pull the sides of the mold away, it will break off most of the extra candy on the pan. Any that come out with the spoon can be broken off and if you want, you can smooth the edges with a rasp.

I added a little bit of melted chocolate and some sprinkles to some of my spoons for stirring hot chocolate. Other spoons I left plain for stirring tea.

You can see the tip of a spoon inside this hot chocolate cone. I think it adds a special touch that takes this version above and beyond the ones you get in the store.

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