DIY – Wrapping a headband with ribbon

If I had known how easy this was before, I would have been making these left and right for Girl Child. All it takes is a headband, some ribbon, some hot glue, and some patience.

I love the peppermint candy stripe effect this ribbon gave the headband. Perfect for Christmas. I finished it with a small ribbon wrapped around and glued into place to make an attachment point for hair bows so I can have interchangeable accessories to finish off the look.

To wrap a 1/2 inch wide headband using 5/8 inch wide ribbon, you need:

  • two pieces of ribbon 2 inches long
  • one piece of ribbon approximately 30 inches long (length depends on how much you overlap)
  • If you want to make an attachment point for interchangeable accessories, you also need one piece of ribbon 1-3/4 inches long
  • Heat finish the ends of all your ribbon pieces to prevent fraying!

To finish the ends, wrap a 2 inch piece of ribbon over the bottom of each end of the headband and attach to inside and outside using hot glue. Starting at one end, attach the long piece of ribbon to the bottom edge of the inside of the headband. Be sure to have the piece on an angle so you can wrap it. Attach with hot glue. Wrap the ribbon around the entire headband, overlapping each turn with the previous one. To finish, attach the ribbon to the inside of the other end of the headband with hot glue. Trim any excess ribbon. If you do need to trim, be sure to heat finish the new ribbon end.

To view a video tutorial, check out The Ribbon Retreat on You Tube.


I made this headband last night because Girl Child requested a polka dot one. It took closer to 35 inches to fully wrap this one with minimal overlap.


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