Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 inch action figure sets


Five Nights at Freddy’s is all the rage this year, at least among Boy Child’s friends in 1st grade. I don’t think any of them are actually playing it. They do talk about it endlessly though! So this year Boy Child wanted FNAF toys. Since the toys are cute and not at all scary, I agreed to put them on his list. He received both of the 2 inch action figure box sets. Each set contains 4 figures. One includes Freddy, Bonnie, Springtrap, and Balloon Boy. The other include Foxy, Golden Freddy, Chica, and an endoskeleton.

These are listed for ages 14+ and I can understand why. They are small and fairly fragile. While Boy Child is only 7, he is pretty gentle on toys like these. Most of them have stood up to daily playing for about a week now. When Girl Child got hold of the endoskeleton, one of the arms came off. This could be due to the quality of the figure or it could be due to the type of handling she gives things, or a mix of both. I read some reviews online saying that the figures break easily, so I won’t be surprised if it would have happened no matter who played with it. It went back together well with a spot of superglue. The place where the arm attaches to the body is very small so I can see how it is a weak point. The other figures have held together so far.

These figures are very similar in quality to the Plants vs Zombies action figures he got previously. The level of detail is excellent. These look just like the characters in the game. The colors are spot on and all of the color is in the right places, unlike what happens with overseas knock-offs. If you want them as collector items or display items, they are great. They are not at all scary, except in that way that all animatronics are a little bit disturbing.


img_6173 img_6174


img_6163 img_6164


img_6175 img_6176

Foxy (Boy Child’s favorite!)

img_6169 img_6170

Golden Freddy

img_6167 img_6168

Balloon Boy

img_6177 img_6178


img_6171 img_6172

Endoskeleton – you can see how small the spot is where the arm meets the body

img_6165 img_6166


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