Five Nights at Freddy’s Mini Build with Phantom Foxy


This set is one of the new releases from the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. McFarlane, the manufacturer, decided to focus on some small builds with a focus on the different characters in the games. This is the first of the construction sets that Boy Child has from the Five Nights at Freddy’s collection. Right now, they are VERY difficult to find. They sell out quickly and not many stores have the sets in stock. This size set goes for $7.99 and I have seen them at Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us.

There are only 34 pieces in the set, and that includes the 13 pieces for the Foxy character. So there is limited building to complete this set, especially since the character comes pre-assembled. The attention to detail is what makes this set stand out. They really captured the spirit of the animatronics and the pizzeria with all of the fine details. Foxy’s mouth is askew, his hook is missing, his fur is ragged, and his endoskeleton shows through. The wall is dingy and the floor tile is lightly textured. The two posters are stickers that you add to the wall and they look like they have been on the walls for a long time. The details really are impressive.



As far as playability, that is quite limited due to the small size of the set. In addition, the feet on Foxy are not snuggly attached to his legs. When you stand him on the peg, his foot stays behind when you lift him off again. There is no peg to attach the Chica head onto, so it slides around when you move the set.



Amazing detail

Great set piece for building a FNAF world

FNAF fans will love it


Very small set – limited building

Expensive for the number of pieces included

Foxy’s foot stays behind when you lift him off the peg

No attachment point for Chica’s head


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