Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location Building sets

The Five Nights at Freddy’s building sets has expanded into scenes from the fifth game, which is called Sister Location. The characters in this game are different with the base color being white for all of them. In the first wave of sets for this location, we find Baby in the Circus Control, Funtime Foxy on stage left, and Funtime Freddy (with BonBon) on stage right.

The sets are beautiful as usual. The animatronic minifigures are intricately detailed.

The building blocks have printing or texture on many of them. The backs of the builds are plain, but these are definitely designed to be viewed from the front.  The plastic windows in the Circus Control room were the most difficult part to get together. The plastic folds on the top and bottom to fit on the pegs of the block at the top and bottom of the window frame. The top of the frame is easy to accidentally knock off and then you have to set the window in place again.

The Funtime Auditorium stage pieces are quick little builds.

The two slides can slide together, with the side of stage right fitting into the space under the side of stage left to make a single set.

These sets are beautifully detailed and gorgeous to look at. The instructions are…difficult.. to follow. Not impossible, but definitely not as clearly written as the instruction from Lego. These are show pieces and not blocks to take apart and make new things out of. Boy Child has them displayed in his room and he plays with the mini-figures separately. The minifigures are a lot more sturdy and can stand up to playing far better than the 2 inch plastic figures can.

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