Review – Ghost lighted banner kit


Michael’s craft stores has their Halloween craft stuff on sale for 70% off right now since Halloween is right around the corner. I picked up this lighted banner kit made by Recollections as part of the sale. They had a few other varieties too – bats, candy skulls, cats…

This is a quick and easy craft that looks like you spent a lot of time putting it together. I was done in less than 30 minutes, even with the cat attacking all of the pieces! The hardest part was separating the pieces of tissue paper since they were already pre-cut. I think this would be an easy enough craft to do from scratch too if you want, with white tissue paper, white cardstock, and a black sharpie. Having the pre-made pieces made it so quick and easy though, which is great for a time-crunched mom like me.


You just twist the centers, fold it in half, and tape onto the inside of a ghost.


Run the light strand through the folded ghost so that the light is inside. Use the included sticky tabs to close the ghost. And voila, you are done.


Add 2 AAA batteries to the LCD light switch and hang. These look great hanging on my inside porch wall.


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