Lego #40263 Christmas Town Square

We picked up this little set during our trip to the Lego store this fall. It is a fun complement to our Winter Village pieces since we only have the train and train station so far. We set the train tracks in a circle and placed these pieces on a big base plate (one of our many from Strictly Briks) in the center to make more of a scene.

The set includes three mini figures, a Christmas tree, a snowman, a mail box with a lamp-post, a bakery stand, and a sled.

The tree is inside a little golden fence and has colorful rounds studs for ornaments and a yellow jewel on top for a star. Two wreaths decorate the front of the fence.

A small sled is a useful way to carry a couple of presents. I bet someone could ride on it too.

The bakery stand serves up some cupcake treats (and this girl looks very excited about it!)

Hmm, looks like Harry Potter is dropping off some mail? Must be someone else since HP would use owls instead.

I think this minimalist snowman is cute.

These are the three mini figures included. It must have been the year for that blue sweater since grandma in the train station set is also wearing it.

There isn’t a lot to say about this small set. It works well as a supplement to our Winter Village train and station sets. After the holidays, we will pack it up with the other winter sets to come out again next year.

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