Lego Ideas #21306 Beatle’s Yellow Submarine

This is one Lego set that was not purchased with the kids in mind. My husband is a huge fan of the Beatles, and he loves Legos. It was a perfect match for him for his birthday.

The box sets the tone for this set with it’s vintage artwork on all sides.

As an Ideas set, the minifigures have a stand with a printed plaque. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are well represented by their minifigures. Their clothes are well matched to their outfits in teh movie. The bodies are printed on the front and the back, and the heads are two sided. Each one is holding an accessory.

A fifth minifigure comes with the set as well. It is this strange little guy, Jeremy, who is in the movie. He is holding a green apple.

The top of the sub comes off to allow access inside. A second compartment in the back opens from the top as well.

Inside the sub are many printed pieces all around to represent the buttons and screens. Not a single sticker in sight!

The Fab Four can also fit inside, although it is a little tight.

Their gear fits in the back compartment.

The tail has a moveable rotor and spinning engine turbines.

The top uses macaroni pieces for the periscopes and hot dogs for the railing; a very clever use of pieces.

The base is a made of mostly layered white circle plates. Lego did come out with these new quarter round pieces to finish the look in a few spots.

Overall this is a fun display piece. Even if you are not a fan of the Beatles, you should be able to appreciate the color and whimsy of the set. Lego really was able to capture the essence of the Yellow Submarine and faithfully represent the Beatles with this build. The set has also stood up to some play by the children, so I have to say that it is solidly designed as well.

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