Lego Whisker Haven #41143 Berry’s Kitchen

This is a small set for the younger kids, with only 61 pieces. Girl Child was able to stay focused until the whole build was completed. I think it kept her attention because it has multiple small sections. That way she could feel like she was completing something every few minutes. Three of the sections link together to form a bigger piece. There is an entrance doorway, a tea table with 2 cushion chairs, and a window with a table and basket in front. The tea set is cute and I can see that being used for play quite often by Girl Child.

The final section looks like a cake stand possibly, and it stands alone.

Berry is cute and looks like the character on the Whisker Haven show. She is a better representation of her character than Daisy from set 41140 is. I love that big bushy tail.

Berry the Lego figure vs Berry as pictured on the Palace Pet wiki.

Overall, there is not a lot to this set. It does come with one of the Whisker Haven characters, which Girl Child loves. She wants all of the Palace Pet sets. The tea set and Berry make this a worthwhile addition to our Lego collection.

4 October 2017 – I just learned that the window section and the doorway section can be interchanged with the upper level on the Royal Castle set. No wonder they are designed this way!

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