Lego City #60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

We finally finished out the Deep Sea line with the large exploration boat. This set has a lot of different builds in it. It has the large boat, the underwater wreck, a raft, and three submersibles. It includes 7 mini-figures. The best thing about this set (in our family’s opinion) is the number of sharks that come with it – 4 sharks in all.

We made this a  family build since the instructions are divided into 4 books. We each took a book and got started.

The biggest and brightest build is the boat itself. This is large enough to hold all of the crew and divers. I am not sure where they would store all of the submersibles though. Maybe they get tied off and float behind?

On the back of the boat is a large crane. You can use this to launch your submersibles or to lower a shark tank into the water.

The shark tank is a simple cage made out of ladders with one side that can open to allow access

There is room on the front deck of the boat for a small raft with an outboard motor.

Even though it does not require much building, the raft is a 5th vessel for this set!

The roof of the wheel house comes off for access.

You can see the controls and a seat for the captain in the wheelhouse.

The entire wheelhouse can be removed as well to access a cabin belowdeck.

You can see 2 bunks with bedside tables and lamps in the cabin.

The second largest section of the set is the shipwreck. The wreck is falling apart and overgrown with seaweed.

Some crates hold bars of gold just waiting to be found!

Gold bars also spill out the side and hide a sliding support piece.

When you pull out the support, the bridge of the wreck crashes down.

One of the submersibles and a floating “diver down” buoy.

A diver can hold onto the handlebars to get pulled along by this scooter.

There is a place to store a crowbar on one side and a hammer on the other. Perfect for treasure hunting.

A remote controlled submersible. This one has a bendable claw arm in front and a camera on top.

The last submersible has a seat for a diver and a cage lid. It also has two claw arms.

The many sea creatures! Two standard grey sharks, a white shark, and a saw shark plus an octopus!

The diving crew – 4 regular and one deep sea. I liked seeing that two of the divers are female.

The captain and his deck hand

I decided to use some of the large stackable plates we have to create a two level play scene. The kids had a great time raising and lowering the crane to put all kinds of things in the water. They also had fun making the animals chase the divers!

Overall this was a fun set to build and to play with. The kids really love all of the sharks, especially having two new sharks in this set, the white and the saw shark.

A note on the front of the box states that the boat and raft really float. I haven’t taken this into the water yet because I am concerned about the durability of the stickers. I will update if we decide to give it a try.

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