Lego Creator #10259 Winter Village Station

We bought the Winter Village train set last year so I was excited to see the station as this year’s addition to the Winter Village line. Last year was the first time we had purchased a set from the Winter Village line and we really like the cheeriness of the train. It was a no-brainer to get the station to go with our train. Plus, it is one of Husband’s presents for under the tree Christmas morning!

The set includes the station, a bus, and a level crossing along with some straight track pieces. The station is an “L” shape with the ticket booth on one side and the platform with a coffee shop and bench on the other side. The door in the center is on a 45 degree angle. The angle is achieved using a turntable under the floor. As I was building, I was confused about the turntable until I actually placed the door on it and then it finally made sense. The new clock pieces for the clock tower are very nice. They are printed on round shields so they curve out and they clip onto small clips located inside the tower. I think they look nicer than the previous versions of Lego clocks.

The coffee shop is cute. It has a newspaper stand and a window that lifts up. (Looks like I have one of those green masonry bricks backwards – it should look like wood paneling.)

Inside the coffee shop there is just enough room for an espresso machine and a register. The sign lists some very inexpensive drink prices. I wish I could find a coffee or hot chocolate for those kinds of prices in real life!

Next to the coffee shop on the platform is a bench with a time schedule for the trains.

At the top of the ramp is the ticket booth, There is a slot under the window to slide through the money and tickets. A red mailbox sits next to the ramp, adding a bright spot of color. The checkerboard entry floor was very popular with my kids who love all things checkerboard thanks to Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Inside, the ticket booth is very small. There is a box for the tickets and high on the wall is another train schedule. The town names include Bricksburg and Tiletown as well as the wintery Snow Valley and North Pole.

The tracks included with the train set last year only made a small circle, so I was happy to get 4 additional straight tracks with this set. One of those pieces is used to make a level crossing for a road. There are two gate arms that go up and down.

The bus is bright and cheerful. It has a hinged door, seats for four, and a roof rack for holding all of the Christmas presents. The old-fashioned styling matches the time when you could get drinks for those low prices.

Five mini figures come with the set. There is a small boy, a grandmother, the station master, a bus driver, and the barista. They are enough to fill out the set for play although we added to them with our other winter sets.

My husband and I worked on this set together, with him building the the bus and level crossing using book one and me building the station using book 2. It didn’t take more than an hour to finish with the two of us working together.

We added this set to our Holiday Train to make a large loop and then placed the Christmas in Town Square set in the middle. Combining all three sets, we have a fun little holiday scene. The kids like sending the train around to pick up and drop off passengers. Boy Child brought out his Mustangs, Bugatti, and Audi from the Speed Champions line and had them race along, going through the level crossing and chasing the train along the track. Combining the sets creates a lot of playability, although I usually have some rebuilding to do after my tornado of a 5-year-old is done. I had to laugh when I saw that the Yellow Submarine had pulled up and the Beatles were riding the train!

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