Lego Whisker Haven #41140 Daisy’s Beauty Salon

Girl Child loves, loves, loves the Disney Palace Pets. Now Lego has gotten on board with the Whisker Haven series. These are designed for the younger kids in mind since the show is aimed at the preschool set. All of the sets made so far are designed for beginning builders as young as 5 years old. Since Girl Child is only 4 years old, I help her out quite a bit with the builds. I get the piece and show her where to put it and she snaps it into place. 98 pieces was reaching her attention span limit, but with multiple small builds, she was able to stay focused most of the way through.

The only disappointment I had with this set is that Daisy does not look much like Daisy on the show. On the show, she always has flowers in her ears and hair and she is the same color all over. You can see the comparison below.

Daisy the Lego figure vs Daisy the character as pictured on the Palace Pets wiki.

The complete set

A mirror and cushion seat

A stand for beauty supplies

A cushion and snacks

The salon front

The salon back with sink and cash register

4 October 2017 – I just learned that the mirror section of this build can be used interchangeably with the top floor of the Royal Castle set!



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