Lego Elves #41172 The Water Dragon Adventure

I have to admit that I have been interested in the Lego Elves sets for a while. I love the dragons! The children were not interested in them for the longest time. Then Girl Child found the Lego Elves show on Netflix and decided that she wanted a set because she liked the show. She picked out one with a dragon of course. I made sure she picked a smaller set since I knew these were above her age level.

The majority of the build is the dragon and that alone is worth the price. In addition to the dragon, there is also a crystal waterfall area with a water catapult for throwing food to the dragon.

The dragon build is very well designed to provide for lots of articulation, poseability, and playability. The neck, jaw, wings, all four legs, all four feet, and the tail are all articulated using ball joints. They work very well to achieve a wide range of motion. You can add a clear blue flame piece to the dragon’s mouth to make it look like she is shooting out water. While the details on the head and wings are printed, the additional details on the feet and tail are stickers. I thought it was a clever use of a purple flipper as the scale on the back of the head.

The dragon has a seat for one elf to ride.

The island is small but holds a number of features. There is the water catapult, a secret hiding compartment for a pair of binoculars, and Naida’s vanity items (hairbrush, perfume bottles).

The elf, Naida, is well detailed with metallic designs on her top plus markings on her arm, forehead, and feet. She has a water gem and a map as accessories.

Overall this is a fun set. The dragon is a great design with a lot of playability. It is constructed well enough to act as an action figure. While Girl Child was a little young to build this set at 5 years old, I think it would be fine for an older child to do alone.

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