Lego Juniors #10729 Cinderella’s Carriage

Girl Child had her 5th birthday at the end of the summer. She received several sets of Legos as birthday presents. She is still more interested in playing with the finished sets and the characters than in the actual building of the sets. So far, I still have to tell her where to place the pieces and she pushed them into place. She has not taken an interest in following the instructions by herself yet. She does design her own pieces using Legos and she really does a nice job when she builds her own creations. It is so different from Boy Child though. He really likes to follow the instructions and will put a set back together again later after he has taken it apart.

Girl Child loves the Whisker Haven palace pets, and by extension she has some interest in the princesses that go along with those pets. Cinderella is one of the princesses to own palace pets, and Girl Child received both the Cinderella’s carriage and the Pumpkin’s carriage Lego sets. I thought it was interesting that the princess set and the palace pet set shared a theme. That was good designing by Lego. They also did it with Snow White’s cottage and Berry’s kitchen, which both share a cooking/baking theme, and with Belle’s castle and Petite’s stable, which both feature their homes. Rapunzel/Daisy and Ariel/Treasure don’t share themes. Instead each one features the individual’s personal interests or stories.

Anytime you have a vehicle, you have a lot of playability. This carriage has taken a lot of rides between all of the Lego houses!

I am not sure why they felt the need to include the puppy in this set. The only dog I can recall from the Disney movie is old Bruno who became the footman.

This set has several small builds. There is the castle, the carriage, a puppy house, and a garden. (The puppy is not Pumpkin from palace pets.) Finishing a small build quickly definitely helps keep the young builder engaged in the project since she can see results in a short time. She usually gets through a couple of small builds and then is ready to start playing.

The castle includes a printed clock, a printed window background, and a clear 1×2 block with a printed glass slipper on one side.

The carriage come with printed side pieces, a white horse with white mane and tail, and a purple chest.

As a Junior set, the base of the carriage is one solid piece.

Two mini dolls can ride in the carriage together.

The puppy dog house with bowl and bone

The pumpkin garden with a magic wand

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Overall, this set fits the Junior line in terms of build difficulty. The details are well designed and all of the decorated bricks are printed. No stickers! It will appeal to those kids who love their princesses and it has plenty of playability for active imaginations.

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