Lego Juniors #10738 Snow White’s Forest Cottage

Snow White’s Forest Cottage is another set in the Lego Juniors Disney Princess line. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Cinderella’s Carriage which is also from this line.

Like all of the Juniors sets, all of the decorated pieces are printed; there are no stickers. Most of the pieces are used to build the dwarfs cottage. There is also a wooden chair, a stump with a basket, and a fireplace.

The table in the cottage is laid with a tea-pot, a goblet, and a pie. You can see the printed curtains and drying line for the dwarfs clothes on the main piece of the cottage. The pink floor clashes with the bright yellow walls and red roof in my opinion, but my daughter didn’t seem to care.

An apple tree grows out of the side of the cottage, complete with shiny red apple. I hope the wicked queen won’t be coming by any time soon to poison that apple! Actually, the set would look pretty cool with a wicked queen. And some dwarfs too. I guess they are holding out on those until they make a bigger set.

The back of the cottage is plain so the focus of this build will be in front.

The fireplace is a well thought out little build. It has clear orange  bricks for the fire, a wooden mantel, and a hook on each side for hanging a pot and a broom. The yellow walls and pink floor match the rest of the cottage.

Snow White has a hairdo just like that seen in the movie, including a red ribbon. Her dress is the yellow and blue we associate with Snow White, even though the details are not quite right. It does have a white collar, which does not show up in these photos. The dress does not have puffy sleeves with red insets like in the movie. Instead, Lego opted to add some scrollwork to the bodice and some stars to the skirt. They look nice and you can definitely tell that this is supposed to be Snow White. Along with the Snow White mini doll, the set includes a fawn and a squirrel. Girl Child is always happy when a Lego set includes animals. She does not have any like these from her other sets so they round out play time very nicely.

This set is a fun addition to our Disney line of Lego toys. Snow White and the animals are seeing plenty of play time from Girl Child. The build was quick enough to keep her interested the whole way through as well.

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