Lego Juniors #10746 Mia’s Farm Suitcase

Girl Child likes the Friends minidolls and she likes the animals, so she received this set. It comes with the reusable little case rather than the standard box. The case can hold the Legos from this set plus a couple of other small sets. It does have the dividers that you can set up however you like. I think this will be a good case for keeping the minidolls and animal figures organized so Girl Child can find them more easily. We are currently using one of the circular mats with the drawstring to keep all of her Legos and the fuller it gets, the more difficult it gets to find things!

The set includes a vehicle, a wheelbarrow, a stable for the foal, and a small pen for a lamb.

It also comes with Mia wearing her overalls and boots for working on the farm.

The vehicle looks a little like a truck with the piece over the windshield and the crate loaded on the back. It is made on the Juniors car base that is all one piece. 5-year-old Girl Child can easily build a car using the car base.

The lamb pen is very tiny. I think it only used 10 pieces.

I didn’t realize what a big smile the lamb had until I took this picture. I can also see now that the nose is heart-shaped. The lamb is so little in real life that I hadn’t noticed that before.

The wheelbarrow is one piece with one wheel added and it holds an apple and a shovel.

The foal stable is the biggest section of the set. There is the pen for the foal with working gates and a care area with a milk bottle, water bottle, and brush. There is also a bucket for food and a bucket for hair bows. The pieces on the front of the gate are printed and there are no stickers. There is a place to store hay in the loft.

The foal is a nice addition to our animal collection. We have a couple of adult horse figures so now Girl Child can make a horse family.

This set fits well in the Juniors line. The build is easy enough for younger children. We were able to finish the full build before Girl Child could lose interest. She really likes the baby animals and plays make-believe games with them.

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