Lego Minecraft #21121 The Desert Outpost

Boy Child had mentioned that he liked this set one time when we were in the store, so when I saw it on clearance, I picked it up. Walmart and Target both have limited shelf space for Legos and they have to move out old stock fast when new sets come in. They often have sets at 50% off! Every once in a while Toys-R-Us will a limited number of sets on sale at 40% off as well. I always stock up when I see those types of sales. So be on the lookout. If you don’t have to have the newest releases, they often come way down in price. Legos are expensive and my kids love them so I am always looking for ways to buy them without breaking the bank.

The Desert Outpost has a lot of playability to it. The full set is big, at 519 bricks. There are two sections to the outpost, a shelter and a lookout tower. The whole outpost is surrounded by a stone fence. Next to the outpost is a river and a garden.

The whole thing opens up at two swivel points. This allows you to access the inside of the shelter, where there is a bed.

You have to lift up one side of the shelter’s roof to open it. As you can see, there is a simple gate acting as the door here.

The other section is a lookout tower with a hinged wooden door.

There is a redstone torch and a piston on top of the tower. The piston can push a block of TNT onto the enemies down below.

Where the TNT falls there is a sand block launcher to simulate an explosion. The TNT block isn’t heavy enough (and doesn’t land accurately enough) to set off the explosion though. You have to make this happen manually. You can also see the cactus growing in the desert.

Behind the lookout tower is the space for your crafting table and furnace. There is also a well back here that didn’t make it into the picture.

Steve and Alex have a boat so they can head off down the river.

Included in the set are 4 minifigures and a dog. The minifigures include Steve with iron helmet and iron sword, Alex with Iron pickaxe, one skeleton with a bow, and one skeleton with iron armor and a bow.

The dog is a nice addition to the set. You can tell it is a dog and not a wolf because it is wearing a red collar. The tail can go up and down just like the tails of the dogs in the Minecraft game.

At 8-years-old, and with a lot of experience building Legos, Boy Child was able to put this set together mostly by himself. He had a little trouble with lining up the blocks for the hinges but otherwise he was good to go. It is a fun set and Lego has done a great job of incorporating play features to keep the younger kids entertained.



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