Lego Minecraft #21129 Mushroom Island

For some reason, I really like this Lego set. I love that it comes in three sections that you can fit together however you like. I adore the two mooshrooms. I like that it comes with both types of giant mushroom trees. And it includes a creeper, which is so unique to MInecraft.

The build itself is simple and there is not a lot of detail besides the big mushroom trees.

Here are two of the suggested configurations for the island sections, a triangle and a straight line.

The red and white mushroom tree with a garden.

The grey mushroom tree with a pen for the mooshroom. The gate opens for the pen.

This section also has an exploding section that knocks out one wall of the pen.

The final section with mycelium blocks, the crafting table, and some small mushrooms.

The accessories – Alex, creeper, two mooshrooms, and a boat.

Alex comes with a pickax and a compass.




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