Lego Star Wars #75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter

I was awed by the U-Wing when I first saw it in Rogue One. The way the wings flipped back was incredible! I am pleased that they came out with this model. The coolness would not have translated into a mini build.

First, this ship is big and sturdy. It measures 18 inches long (with wings in forward position) by 6 inches wide by almost 4 inches high. It is a huge 25 inches wide with the wings pulled back.

Second, there are multiple moveable sections and buttons for great playability.

A ramp in the rear opens and closes.

The troop bay doors slide open and closed on each side. Mounted guns can move out from the troop bay on both sides as well when the doors are open.


Two fairly well hidden buttons operate the two missile launchers in front.

Studs behind the cockpit act as buttons to slightly raise the front of the cockpit so you can open it more easily.

Finally are the wings. They lock into each position with ball and socket pieces so they are very sturdy either way. You can see the balls and the sockets in these pictures.

The ship looks great. It also feels good in your hands and it makes you want to pretend fly it around the room. The only negative I have to say is that the four engines in the rear are only attached by two pins and they are the least sturdy components. Each time the kids play with this vehicle, I have to reattach the engines.

Finally, the minifigures. This fighter comes with five of them. Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, as the main characters, are included, as are an alien named Bistan, who mans the guns on the ship, a rebel trooper, and the pilot. All have detailed printing on them.

Jyn Erso

Cassian Andor


Rebel trooper

U-wing pilot

You can certainly have fun playing with this fighter alone or set up a diorama scene using this set.  It has a lot of playability as long as you are careful with the engines. Even so, the engines are easy to reattach if they do happen to fall off.

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