Lego Speed Champions #75872 Audi R18 e-tron quattro

Another entry in the Speed Champions line. This one gets 2 thumbs up from Boy Child. His only complaint was that the piece connecting the top of the car to the spoiler falls off easily in a crash.

The set comes with the car, driver, a wrench, and fuel pump.

The finished product looks great. It does rely heavily on stickers for the final look. The canopy is an exception. It is printed and looks very nice with the letter printing and the grey top.

The cockpit includes a sticker for driver controls.

The driver mini figure is not too exciting. He does sport the car name on the front and the Audi logo on the back.

Finally, the fuel pump. I know Lego feels like they need to include something extra with the build, but I would be happy to have just the car and driver. The extras do not add much in my opinion.

This car is seeing a lot of play time along with the other cars Boy Child has from this line, the Ford GTs and the Bugatti.

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