Lego Speed Champions #75878 Bugatti Chiron

Boy Child pointed out this car as one that he likes from the Speed Champion line. It has an interesting design and I have never seen a Bugatti in real life that I know of. You can see a real one (in blue!) on their website. This set comes with the car, a driver, a wrench, an extra set of hubcaps (not shown), and three orange traffic cones.

The car, just like the real thing, has very nice curves and looks like it will go FAST!

Most of the stickers for this set are found on the front for the headlights, grill, and air intakes.

An interesting feature is a red rubber band piece to represent the LED tail lights.

The driver is rather plain, with a blue helmet and blue jacket with the Bugatti logo on front and back.

And three little traffic cones to finish out the set.

Boy Child has been having a lot of fun racing his cars around. They crash a lot in his world though! This car has held up to the crashes so far. While I have needed to rebuild some sections on his Mustang and Audi, this one has stayed in one piece so far.

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