Lego Speed Champions #75881 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40

This set was Boy Child’s pick on our semi-annual-ish trip to the Lego store. He seems to be very interested in this particular line at the moment.

This set comes with two cars, three minifigures, and a winner’s podium with trophy.

The modern Mustang is very sleek and aerodynamic. It uses some hinged pieces to get the proper angles on the sides of the roof. Most of the details are created with stickers although the word FORD is printed on the canopy.

The 40-year-old version of the car was the more interesting build. The use of hinges to get those just-right angles for the car was very creative and it was fun to see it come together. Just as with the 2016 version, the 1966 version uses a lot of stickers for detailing. They definitely add to the look so I would not skip them.

The 1966 driver, race marshal, and 2016 driver

The podium and trophy

Extra hub caps for the cars in case you want to change the look.

These cars make great display pieces as well as having playability. Boy Child put these together by himself and enjoyed the building process. He really likes the look of both car. He prefers the modern one over the classic with its bright colors and stylings that are more like what he is used to seeing in cars. He has pointed out a couple more sets in this line that he would like to have so you may see more about this line in the future.

Update: With more cars in Boy Child’s hand, several races (and crashes) have taken place. The 1966 model is holding together very well through all of it. The 2016 model has a tendency to lose it rear spoiler though.

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