Lego Whisker Haven #41142 Palace Pets Royal Castle

The biggest set in the Disney Whisker Haven line is the Palace Pets Royal Castle. It is still pretty small at 186 pieces, which makes sense considering that this line is geared toward the younger kids, with a starting recommended age of 5 years old. Some of the embellishments are printed on the bricks while others are made with stickers. The banner at the front of the castle, the windows on the towers, and the page of music are all printed.

The set consists of the palace and a garden lookout with a telescope. The telescope section and the two bedroom towers on either side of the top level of the castle are interchangeable. As I was reading the description for this set, I learned that sections from Treasure’s Day at the Pool, Petite’s Royal Stable, Berry’s KitchenDaisy’s Beauty Salon, and Pumpkin’s Royal Carriage can all be interchanged on the upper level of the castle as well.

Here is the castle with no rooms upstairs. You can see how quickly a room can connect or be removed.

Here are the three sections that can be on those upstairs spaces – Front

– Back

Here is the upper level with the two tower bedrooms attached. – Front

– Back

An alternative setup using the telescope section instead of a tower room

A closer look at the ground floor of the castle in the front…

…and in the back. You have a ladder to the upstairs, a cake display, a music room, and a revolving dance floor.

I thought the mini piano build was very clever!

The set includes two minifigure animals, Dreamy (also known as Beauty), who is Aurora’s pet kitty, and Windflower, who is Pocahontas’ pet raccoon. They are well rendered, although I usually think of Dreamy lying down rather than standing up.

  images from the Palace Pet wiki

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