Lego Star Wars #75129 Wookie Gunship Microfighter

Another microfighter set for Boy Child. Again, he can put these together by himself in 15 minutes or less and he is 7 years old. The vehicle does have a few play features to it. The wings are adjustable and they ratchet into position  so they will stay where you put them. The flap in the back goes up and down. The two guns in the front are movable. And each wing has a green flick fire missile. The included wookie is a generic wookie warrier and he carries a bowcaster.

The microfighter line is great for kids since they are easy builds and the size makes them portable. They usually come with a nice minifigure as well. The price is also in the perfect range to give one or two as a gift for one of those many birthday parties kids get invited to all the time.

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