Lego Star Wars #75172 Y-wing

The hubby wanted another Lego set. This time the new release Y-wing from Star Wars. Lego has released Y-wing ships before but they retire them and then reshape them with a new design a few years later. The hubby has used online instructions from a previous Y-wing to build one from the pieces that we have already, but he really likes the ship and wanted to have one put together with the right pieces. He also wanted to try to build a second one out of our other pieces after putting together this one, although this idea seems to have stalled out for the time being. Boy Child took over the build after it got started and finished it over the next couple of days while his dad was at work! Some parts of this build were difficult for a 7-year-old. The box does say for ages 8-14 and I think it does require a patient builder who can pay close attention to detail.

Some of the play features of this ship are 2 flick missiles, a rotating gun on top, retractable landing gear, and a rotating bomb hold that holds two bombs and drops them out of the bottom. I would not say that this is a great set for play though as the engines are a weak point and can easily break apart. It does make a better display piece.


The set comes with 5 minifigures, a loading crane, bombs, and the Y-wing.



Side view

Front view

Back view

Close ups of some of the features of this ship…




The crane pulls a trailer with 2 bombs and it has a “magnet” for loading the bombs or the astromech droid.




Stormtrooper, Admiral Raduss, astromech droid, Y-wing pilot, and Moroff




Back view of the minifigures

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