Make your own slime

Ah, the feeling of squashing and stretching a ball of slime. The mess, the unpredictability of how it will act, and the things you can mix into it make it that much cooler. And it is EASY to make at home. Seriously easy!! What does it take? A 4 oz bottle of school glue and some liquid laundry starch – that’s it! Just 2 ingredients and 5 minutes and you are ready to play. If your kids are like mine, then they will also want to color it and add glitter or tiny pom-poms or google eyes, or whatever else they dream up.


Pour the glue into a bowl. If you want to add color you can mix in liquid watercolor paint or food coloring.

Add the liquid starch, about a tablespoon at a time and stir until it clumps up in the middle of the bowl.

Start working it with your hands until it blends into a smooth consistency. If it is sticky then add more liquid starch, about a teaspoon at a time, until it is no longer sticky. If it gets stringy then add more glue.

Add glitter, pom-poms, etc as desired.

Girl Child wanted pink so I added a touch of red and a couple drops of violet watercolor to get a cotton candy pink. Then she wanted glitter. I looks like birthday cake to me with the glitter added.


Boy Child asked for gold slime. I added the gold watercolor but it turned the slime tan, so I added a little yellow to get the color right and some fine glitter to give it some sparkle. When he saw little sister get the big glitter, he needed some too.


Then it was time to stretch, knead, ball up, and bury toys in.

IMG_4327  IMG_4372  IMG_4370

While it can be messy, the good news is that the slime is water-soluble so clean up is easy. They managed to smash it into the tablecloth while I had my back turned but it washed right out. The liquid watercolors don’t stain either, which I one reason I prefer them to food coloring. The slime sticks to itself so that helps with clean up too.

Store your slime in an airtight container and it will last for weeks and weeks. There is nothing perishable in them that will go bad.


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