Marker pouch

I have been wanting to make this marker pouch since I first came upon it online. It was part of a zipper tutorial series I found when I was looking for zipper installation instructions. I like the way it closes completely but still folds open for easy access to the markers. You will find the tutorial at Ikat bag marker pouch instructions.

The outside of the pouch is canvas left over from a tote bag. The inside is ripstop nylon which is both durable and easy to clean. A 12 inch separating zipper was the right length to fit the pattern. Finally, grosgrain ribbon finished the edges of the base and pockets.

Girl child really likes her new marker pouch and even packed it up for a trip we made recently. I can’t say it is the neatest work I have ever done, but it was the first time I have made a three-dimensional constructions like this and it is quite different from making flat items like clothes or tote bags. I will say that there were plenty of mistakes made and I had to rip out seams a few times. It all came together in the end and I certainly learned a lot from making this! If you have been scared of trying zippers, check out the zip-a-bag series at Ikat Bag.


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