Mega Construx Pokemon building sets

The kids like Pokemon and they like Legos, so I decided to try out these Pokemon building sets from Mega Construx. Mega Construx is a new division from the same company that makes Mega Bloks. With this line, the company is offering sets using the regular size bricks rather than the oversized bricks for preschoolers that the company has long been known for. The company offers a large variety of products, most of which are branded to movies, shows, and video games.

These little sets are nice because they come packaged in a Pokeball. The ball has studs on top and on the floor so you can use them to display your Pokemon. The Pokeballs can also stack on each other for storage.

I got the kids’ two favorite characters, Pikachu and Evee. The Pikachu set has only 21 pieces while the Evee set has 27. All of the details are printed on the pieces. The moving parts (legs, arms, neck, tail) use ball and joint combinations to get a free range of motion. The ears can be angled as well. Because these are very small, the details of the build are not great, but you can definitely tell which character these are supposed to be. With Pikachu, once you attach his tail, he leans backward due to the weight. the tail does prevent him from falling over though.


While these are very cute, I did find a few problems. The first problem was the instructions. They are not as easy to follow as instructions from Lego. My 7-year-old got very frustrated by the third step and needed help. I will say that it took me a couple of minutes to figure out the instructions as well. Second, the ears and back of the head on each figure fall off fairly easily. Third, they do not really fit in their Pokeballs well once they are built.

Overall, these are very cute and I am sure they will be a big hit with any Pokemon fan. Based on the build experience, I will be sticking to Lego at this point unless Mega Construx comes out with a line that the kids really love.


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