Minecraft Biomes and Ender Dragon

Jazwares made two biome sets and a very large ender dragon for their line of Minecraft toys. The two biomes represented are the Nether and a Birch Forest.

The Nether set comes with a zombie pigman in gold armor holding a gold sword. The helmet on the pigman can be removed while the rest of the armor is a permanent part of the figure.

It also comes with an obsidian portal to travel from the Overworld to the Nether and back again. The doors on the portal swing open to allow a character to pass through. Not quite how a portal works in the game but good enough to serve the purpose when playing!

The background comes in four reversible pieces. On one side are nether blocks.

And on the other side is stone/mossy stone.

They fit together to make a floor, two walls, and a roof. Three removable lava squares finish the floor if you want.

The Birch Forest set comes with a witch, who may be on fire!

It also includes a birch tree than can be “chopped” down. The two sections of tree are attached by a hinge.

The background for this set includes three double-sided pieces. There are stone, dirt, and grass areas.

The pieces fit together to make two walls and a floor. As with the Nether biome, three lava squares can finish the floor.

That lava explains why the witch ends up on fire!

The ender dragon is one of my favorite characters from the Minecraft world. It is so big and it is a DRAGON!

You have to attach the tail when you first take it out of the box. Otherwise it is all together.

The dragon is really big and quite impressive as a toy.

The dragon is nicely detailed with scales printed on most of the body, wings, legs, tail, neck, and head.

The mouth opens and has nice detailing inside too.

These sets are a great addition to our world of Minecraft toys. My kids play with the mobs more than they play with the Steve and Alex figures. Although the witch is a repeat character, this time it comes with the fire accessories. The pigman is a repeat character too, although this time it is wearing gold armor. The zombie pigman is Boy Child’s favorite mob character so he is happy to have a second version. We are all excited to see what comes in the next wave of toys. I hear there will be a wither skeleton, squid, blaze, llama, and even baby mobs!

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