National Geographic Shark tooth dig kit

Boy Child found this at Michael’s craft store. We went in looking for something completely different, but as it often goes when shopping with children, he found this instead.

The kit comes with a large, shark tooth shaped block, a magnifying glass, a digging tool, and a small brush for delicate work. Boy Child was so excited to get to work that I didn’t get to take a picture of the block before he got started!

Here he is using each of the tools.

As you can see, it is a messy process to break up all of the plaster and find the teeth. All three of his teeth were located at the top of the tooth where it is thickest. Once he found the first one, the others quickly followed. At 7 years old, Boy Child got frustrated at how long it took to find a tooth. Of course, he started in the middle of the block, pretty far away from where the teeth were. I helped him locate each tooth and then he finished excavating it and cleaning it. Here is the block when he was done. As you can see, there was a sizable chunk that we didn’t get into since the teeth were all close together.

After cleaning the teeth, we used to guide book that came in the kit to identify which type of shark each tooth came from.

The teeth are in pretty good condition, with a chip missing from the top edge of each of the two fossil teeth. I cannot say if they went into the block that way or if that was a result of the excavation process.

Overall this is a fun activity. It is very messy! I recommend doing it outside if possible because the block breaks down into fine dust that gets everywhere. Considering that two out of the three teeth are fossils, I am happy that we had teeth in such good condition after excavation. These teeth fit in perfectly with the collection of shark teeth we have from the mega shark tooth set. All three teeth are repeats of teeth we got in that set, although slightly different in size or color. The teeth from the mega shark set were all in perfect condition. If you are looking for teeth in the best condition, go with that set instead. If you are looking for a fun, messy activity that ends up in a shark tooth collection, then go with this one.

If you like the excavation process, National geographic makes other products as well, such as a dinosaur fossil dig, a gem dig kit, and a bug dig kit.

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