Paper chain snowman advent calendar


I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. It is a very simple craft and I prefer this to a chocolate-a-day calendar for the kids. This one they are far less likely to fight over!

You can find the original post at From ABCs to ACTs.


Toilet paper tubes (2)

White paper

Black paper

Glue or tape or stapler


Black marker

Orange marker (optional)


Cut each toilet paper tube in half so you have 4 rings.

Cut three of the pieces down the side so you can open them up.


Cover each of the cut pieces with white paper. Glue or tape them together to make a chain.


Cover the uncut ring with black paper. Then cut a circle out of the black paper and attach it to the black ring to make a hat. Glue or tape the hat to the top ring.



Use your markers to draw a face on the top ring and buttons on the bottom ring.


Cut white paper strips and make a chain. Use one paper link for each day of your countdown. Every day you can tear off one chain until you are down to your original snowman. I labeled the links so the kids can keep track of the days.


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