Paper flowers

We are in that in-between time of the year when the spring garden flowers have all finished and the summer flowers have not yet bloomed. Girl Child needed more flowers in her life, so we decided to make some out of paper. I found a picture on Pinterest that she liked and we based our design on that.

What you need:

  • construction paper or colored cardstock
  • craft sticks
  • pom-poms
  • glue

I cut 6 heart shapes for the petals and 2 for the leaves. Using the craft sticks as stems, glue the flower petals in a circle near the top. Glue the leaves to the bottom third. Since I had craft sticks in two sizes, we made two sizes of flowers. I could certainly see making these for Valentine’s Day in reds and pinks since the petals are heart shapes. Being the person that she is, Girl Child took all of the flowers to school and gave them away. I am glad I got some pictures first!

Tiny hearts decorated the middle of our smaller set of flowers and pom-poms decorated the middles of the larger ones.

At one point, a small heart fell on top of a big one and Girl Child liked the look, so we made one flower that had two colors.

Another time, she got halfway through gluing the petal and decided they looked like tiaras. So I got out some gems and she decorated them in that way instead. She’s a creative one!


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