Paper plate sunflowers

This flower is easy to make and used paints, so it made Girl Child very happy. Boy Child loved the finished product too since sunflowers are his favorite. He isn’t into doing crafts with us though. 🙁

What you need:

  • paper plates
  • yellow paint
  • yellow tissue paper
  • sunflower seeds
  • glue

Start by painting your paper plate yellow. Let it dry.


While it is drying, cut your tissue paper into rectangles. I rolled the sheet of tissue paper lengthwise, pressed it flat, then cut through the sides through all the layers to make long strips.

Keeping those strips lined up, I rolled them again and cut both sides.

This way I was able to cut lots of rectangles in about the same size in a very short time and they were all stacked up. Finally, I cut the tips to make a petal shape.

One full sheet of tissue paper made enough petal to fill out two sunflowers. Glue the petals to the outside edges of your paper plate . A glue stick worked really well for this project. I made three layers of overlapping petals which covered the bumpy sides of the plate all went to the edge of the inner circle.

Finally, we swirled some glue on the middle of the sunflower and added sunflower seeds. An adult made one of these and a 4 year old made the other and they both look great. It really is an easy project!

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