Pipe cleaner turkey craft

I bought a big set of pipe cleaners and pop-poms in fall colors at the craft store. I don’t know why I keep doing this, but I have pipe cleaners and pom-poms in all sorts of colors that I have done this with. Then I have to figure out what to do with them all! Girl Child decided to make some fall color pipe cleaner daisies which is one thing to do. Then I thought we could try to use the loops as tail feathers for a turkey. So I cut out a turkey shape from card stock. we glued on google eyes, (also included in this set – I have more googly eyes than I we could ever possibly need!) a small orange pom-pom for the beak, and a piece of red pipe cleaner for the waddle. Then we glued the pipe cleaners in a fan shape to the paper and glued the turkey on top. We let the glue dry overnight because it takes A LOT of glue to get the pipe cleaners to stick. When it was ready, we added it to our seasonal wall of arts and crafts. This wall usually ends up very full by the time the holiday arrives. Then we take it all down and start filling it in for the next holiday.

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