Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: 5-inch Action Figures

Both kids, but especially Boy Child, have so much fun with Plants vs Zombies. He has played every version from the phone games to the Garden Warfare games for PS4. The characters from GW2 have really captivated him. I am sure it is from the animation and the variety of customizations available. A few of the characters were adapted to 5 inch action figures that are available in 2 packs with one plant and one zombie in each.



Each zombie comes with a stand since they are not well balanced to stand on their own. The plants all stand easily on their own. Except for Super Brainz, each zombie comes with a removable weapon. Super Brainz, of course, relies on his super powers and does not need any additional weapons! The weed can hold a flag with a picture of Crazy Dave on it. Rose holds a wand that is not removable.

These toys are more sturdy than the 2 inch action figures. They have stood up to much more play. Girl Child did manage to break Super Brainz leg right above the boot somehow. I was able to pin and glue it and it has held together since then. She also pulled off Rose’s hand trying to remove the wand. It went back on easily enough and stayed on with a little glue. Did I mention that Girl Child can be really rough on toys?!?

The level of detail on these figures is exceptional for something that can be used for play toys. These would make great display models. While the plants are fixed in their poses, the zombies have movable arms and heads so you can vary their poses. I have included all 4 views of each figure so you can see the level of detail. I am impressed with both the quality and the durability of these toys.

 Kernel Corn and Captain Deadbeard



Peashooter and Disco Zombie



Weed and Foot Soldier


Rose and Super Brainz


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