Quick and easy Valentine shirt

Girl Child loves Valentine’s Day. It has pink, it has hearts, and you can do crafts. This pretty much sums up all of the most important things for her. Even though she needs to wear a uniform to preschool, I may sneak this one as her undershirt that day.

I made this one in just a few minutes using things I already had around the house. The shirt was one I picked up at Wal-Mart on sale last winter and the ruffle fabric was left over scraps from a skirt I made last year. I first added two rows of the ruffle fabric to the bottom of the shirt going just past the hem. Then I cut out a heart  from the same fabric and attached it to the front of the shirt with Heat N Bond. Then I top-stitched around the edges to help hold it down. This was just a straight stitch around the contour rather than a zigzag or satin stitch to cover the edges. The ruffle fabric is a stretch knit and it will not unravel on the edges so I decided to save the time.

Pink, ruffles, and a big heart – everything my Girl Child wants for Valentine’s day without having to buy a thing.

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