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I just joined a Word of Mouth marketing site called BzzAgent. The purpose of BzzAgent is to distribute products to their “agents”, who then review those products on social media. The idea is to create word-of-mouth advertising through honest reviews by product consumers. Many of the products are in the testing phase, which means they are out for review before being released to the public. These reviews can then help to sell the product if they are positive, or they can help the client company improve the product is the reviews are negative. While other companies also follow this model, BzzAgent was described as the head of the class in its category in other online reviews I found. At this time, the company has an A+ rating with the BBB and no complaints filed in the past 3 years. Some of their recent clients have included Macy’s, Petco, Kellogg, and L’oreal.

Their description say that they will send out samples, products, or coupons for their campaigns. You sign up then fill out a bunch of surveys so that they have demographic information about your family, lifestyle, and interests. Then they contact you if your profile lines up with one of the campaigns. To get started, they send out a starter package, called a Bzz Kit, with  a brochure and a magnet. You then complete the activities they have set up to get a feel for how the process works. One activity is to post a picture with a blurb on Facebook. Tweeting is another. The third one is to report about conversations you have with others about BzzAgent. You receive a score based on your activity, which they rank as either Rejected, Fair, Good, or Excellent (the requirements for the ranking system are explained on the website).


The website is very user-friendly. The surveys are short – I think the longest one I did was 10 questions, most were 1-3 questions. They make it very easy to link to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts. Once you are linked, you can create your posts on the BzzAgent site and directly upload them to your account from there so that they are credited and rated. If you have a blog, you can also link to that. In addition, you can earn points for the MyPoints program for the surveys and activities you complete.

I will update this review once I have an opportunity to join in a campaign or two so that I can discuss the frequency of campaign invitations that I receive and the types of opportunities that they offer to me.

Update: It has been a month and I have just been invited to 2 campaigns, both of them food products. The campaigns send out coupons for free product, one for you and one to give away. It is a start!


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