Five Nights at Freddy’s Fun with Balloon Boy building set

Boy Child is back at it with the Five Nights at Freddy’s building sets. This time he got the Fun with Balloon Boy set. It only has 32 pieces, so it is a pretty small set. At 7-years-old, Boy Child was easily able to follow the directions and put this set together by himself. Balloon Boy is rather creepy with teeth going all the way around his head and extra long fingers that look like they are ready to grab any unsuspecting night guard.

The finished set is very nicely detailed with the wallpaper and chair. Boy Child calls it “grandma’s hall” because of the style of wallpaper! Overall, it is a nice little set to get for your Five Night’s at Freddy’s fan. Balloon Boy, while rather creepy, is not so scary looking as some of the other nightmare and phantom figures.




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