Lego Juniors #10727 Emma’s Ice Cream Truck

The Junior series of Lego sets are designed for young children who are transitioning from Duplos to standard blocks. This ice cream truck is built on the Junior one piece chassis. At 136 pieces, this is a larger Juniors set. Girl Child, at 4-yers-old, stayed with it though building the patio and that frame of the truck, then lost interest when it came to the finishing pieces. The set comes with two mini dolls, Emma and Andrea, as well as a puppy dog. There are many accessories to make this very playable; ice creams, popsicles, a picnic patio, and money to pay for the treats. All of the decorated pieces are printed and there are no stickers.

This is the picnic patio with an umbrella, some potted flowers, a banner, and a giant ice cream cone.

This inside of the truck with all the necessaries to run an ice cream truck.

The truck itself…

And the whole set together




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