Lego Juniors #10728 Mia’s Vet Clinic

As a veterinarian, I had to get the Lego Juniors vet clinic for Girl Child. How could I pass up a cute set with lots of animals that also celebrates the work that I do? They have other vet sets inthe Friends line as well, and believe me, I have them put away for later when she is a little older and can move beyond the Junior level.

This set comes with two mini dolls, Olivia and Mia, and FIVE little animals, a big and little rabbit, a cat, a hedgehog, and a turtle.

(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. The camera was giving me a hard time that day.)

In addition to the clinic, there is a small ambulance, a bunny area, and a treatment cart.

The clinic is a facade built on a thicker plate. All of the decorative pieces are printed rather than stickers, which is very nice. The front of the clinic has a working door and a landscaped entry. Inside the clinic are some “bags” of pet food, a wet table, a cabinet for storing medical equipment, and an x-ray machine.

The ambulance is built on the Juniors style one piece chassis. The back door opens up so you can load in your patient.

The bunny hutch includes a water bottle, a hay block, and working windows. The bunnies also have a carrot to eat.

The treatment cart includes hooks to hold the patient chart and a small piece of medical equipment (in this case a syringe) as well as an area on top to place the patient. This poor hedgehog is wearing an ice pack on its head.

Playability is pretty good with this set. There is a lot you can do to have the mini dolls treat their animal patients. The variety of medical tools is good in this set as well. You child has enough equipment to really pretend to doctor them up. As far as keeping interest for a 4-year-old, this one lost her pretty quickly. Once she had the ambulance together and the facade up, Girl Child was done building and wanted me to finish up for her so she could get to playing faster. She certainly likes the variety of animal friends that come in this set and the two mini dolls as well. Right now, she likes to have them fix up and patient and then go out for ice cream after with her Ice Cream truck set.



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